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Property control of visual doorbell effect
2012-08-10 09:16:38


As the state of the real estate price control, the real estate market appeared for a time wait state, then the wireless intercom system also caused not little effect. Every time the crisis to a trade is a kind of reflection, some manufacturers realized auction industry will bring no survival space of the serious consequences, it is committed to enhancing product quality, after sale service to increase investment, accelerate the progress of product development, building intercom market segmentation is gradually forming.

Affordable housing to the building intercom products choice preference in the low-end products, which are mainly due to price factors. Affordable housing selection in low price products do not represent the products of low quality, but only to streamline the product function and configuration. As to how the product in product quality and price balance between, implementation " only reduced configuration does not reduce quality " goal, this is the era of meager profit building intercom manufacturers need to solve the problem. Crown forest Zhu Ying think, not only can satisfy the requirement of high performance ratio of products, but not at the expense of product quality for the price, with the current market for visual intercom products demand is consistent. Meet customer cost-effective is not blindly pursue low-cost, crown forest has always insisted on the quality of civilians in brand strategy, relying on its own strong research and development strength and advantages in resources, at the same time, through large-scale and centralized production and procurement to reduce costs, gain profit space to the upper reaches of. The product cost under the premise, as far as possible, choose the raw material, and through strict quality control system to enhance the details of the product, process and quality control.

Reportedly, the affordable housing market, crown forest in 2010 launched a series of highly cost-effective economic type, universal type color video intercom products, the protection of product of basic function at the same time, lets the user be able to black and white interior machine price, enjoy the high quality and high definition color video intercom products, which launched a series of products in the market with huge success, get a lot of user acceptance.

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