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Purchasing considerations for wireless video intercom
2011-01-28 22:48:00

With the rapid development of science and technology, global security and multimedia communications has entered a new period in the field, but also because the inherent advantages of wireless video intercom system (such as setting up a flexible and convenient, suitable for mobile and so on), are used in a variety of security and the field of communications and consumer electronics in popularity. wireless video doorbells system on the market is good or bad is mixed, then in the case of lack of experience or lack of experience, how to choose a good wireless video intercom system for many people a headache problem, now I'll take out several views on their own to share with you, hoping to bring you some help.
Since it is a choice considerations for wireless video intercom system, then for everyone from "wireless" and "Visual" and "talk" and "additional considerations" in four aspects:
1. wireless
What is wireless? as its name suggests is that no lines, no fixed, suitable for the mobile, flexible and easy to use, so here we should note that in several problems arising during the move. First of all, how far is the movable range in open area? open area at around 100 meters distance from traditional analog signals, 2.4G can now make it even farther distances up to 300 m, currently on the market are more 100-200 and HongZhao 2.4G programme developed by the design effect of distance can be up to 300 m, pay particular attention to this point, because it's open area away from the direct effects on the obstacle before the signals penetrating power and stability. Second, we must pay attention to the wireless transit immunity? now technology is well developed, many things are wireless transmission, Bluetooth wireless cards or something even as wireless products, so if used with touch, what level of interference with the will to understand, better wireless video intercom system on the market today can be achieved with Adaptive frequency-hopping technology, millions of code on the code model, but also a very strong anti-interference ability, but there is also some pass wireless video intercom system development company for everyone to buy into the black in stock, we choose must pay attention to carefully distinguish between. Wireless is the most important in these 2 points, there are other details we can according to their requirements to differentiate and choice.
2. the Visual
Visual is better understood, mainly is the sharpness of the image, the image is how many pixels? picture how? is there any night vision?
3. intercom Is the issue of voice to speak, and special attention for the following several points here. First of all, is what talk? is full duplex Talkback, semi-duplex or is Simplex? full duplex Talkback enables free exchanges on both sides say, sync the two, it seems we usually call, like speaking but also to hear the person's voice. Half-duplex Talkback is the information in both directions between two points to be sent, but not sending work, give a simple example, a narrow road, and at the same time you can only have one car passed, when there are two volume car outside, this case can only be a first, wait until the head after another before opening, this example image illustrates the principle of half-duplex, half-duplex defects clearly, are likely to hear only noise in a noisy environment, rainy day listening to the rain, as technology continues to advance, half-duplex gradually from the stage of history. Simplex is the vintage radio Talkback, sends information between two points in only one direction of works, a finished another said. Everyone in the choose a wireless video intercom system when you can choose according to their specific requirements and applicability to! many play language games written a duplex on the market, we must ask is full duplex or half duplex. Second, the intercom sound is clearer? intermittent and whether there are serious delays? do not wireless video intercom system, hear only talk over there for a minute here, still a cluttered, that it is better to run errands said in the past, made a joke, just wanted to remind everyone to note in this regard.
4. other considerations
Additional considerations are identified after the performance in all aspects of wireless video intercom system, the whole system is able to run normal operations and in the context of their requirements, for example, look how? whether it is in normal operation in the harsh environment? whether anti-low temperature resistant, waterproof sunscreen, and so on?

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