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Real estate industry led warmer visual intercom
2012-07-17 09:31:31


With the central bank to cut interest rates several times, capital market appeared a new round of surging, real estate market is starting to warm up to Beijing, Shanghai big city, begin a building boom, broke open real estate since cold situation. Real estate warms up once more, for visual intercom brought turning point.

As the intelligent home furnishing the perfect, in the new housing, intelligent home furnishing an entrance control, intelligent home furnishing and monitoring, alarming field more obvious. Security products are mainly used as one of the market, the real estate market has recently appeared in a series of trading volume and transaction price and the land market more hasten heat will be on security market demand influence, especially to the alarm monitoring, building intercom market performance are very active.

In residential areas, large commercial center, as a set of residential, office and shopping complex in a group of buildings, to the real estate investor has brought unlimited business opportunities at the same time, mean that will bring more profits space security. Due to the diversity of the commercial center flow density is very high, and the complex personnel, management and security issues have become increasingly prominent, it is bound to the existence of a huge safety hidden danger. These modern commercial center, need to set up multi-level, three-dimensional security systems: import authority access control systems, as the property management" eyes" video surveillance system, prevent theft alarm system, large, multi-purpose public broadcasting and emergency evacuation system, fire loss prevention of the fire alarm system, etc.. For any successful commercial real estate project, need to carefully design and deployment.

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