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Recent development of intelligent community system
2012-05-15 08:34:07

District is the city 's main residential one way, because of high population density, in the management of many problems, and intelligent residential equipment available, one can solve this problem, can only plot device includes household alarm system, wireless doorbell, electronic patrol system, wireless meter reading system, community access control systems, intelligent equipment of sound, for residential security and stability of the extraordinary contributions

From wired to wireless

Previously, the only community systems will be connected by wires, systematic classification is more, have, electronic patrol system, wireless meter reading system, household alarm system, wireless doorbell and so on, each system has its own wire, electric network wire repeat, can not be shared, not only caused large investment, but also by the effects of lightning is more serious, high failure rate. In addition, the network distance limitation, the line length is only 1000 meters, larger area can not get all the coverage. And the development of wireless technology will solve the problem of wireless technology, convenience and stability is superior, as a new generation of small value.

Card operation

In each floor of each unit door to tell machine put a card reader ( or the reader individually placed ), the card reader with memory. The owners were given a card, and authorize the gate card can open the owners of residential unit lock, and this number has been saved to the control room is placed into a computer. The computer will the authorization message to the reader, and stored in the card reader. Hold the door open the door when the owners of the card, card reader can judge the card is valid. And each use of the card to open the door, the reader will be the opening information to the control room located computers, computer can record each Zhang Men card usage records. This system makes the metal key is authorized by the smart card to replace the mechanical lock, read card device and an electric lock replaced by unit, control circuit to control, and through the network communication method carrying out background permissions and monitoring management. Access control system superiority is obvious, which makes the access control is very flexible, intelligent card authorization can achieve multiple access control card, can also limit the card access time, or in the personnel changes or card lost without adjustments or cancel the card access, without having to change the locks. China smart card network publishing. For example, for the property management staff and security permissions can be set higher, can open the door to the card; the cleaning staff can limit into the building. By area management department executes centralized authority management.

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