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Residential intelligent system engineering economic analysis
2012-07-30 10:19:27


With the development of science and technology, intelligent equipment began to enter the life, intelligent home furnishing concept also became director with the object, it also meets the use demands of people, modern metropolis quick rhythm life, and work to make people 's eyes, the trivial life contemptuous Gu, chaotic lives become city home furnishing normal, intelligent home furnishing conform to this trend, humanized design, improve the user experience, become urban family the best helper.

Common intelligent community system generally into three parts, management information system, security system and equipment monitoring system.

One, information management system

The information management system including the broadband access, VOD VOD system, and satellite receiver. Through the residential broadband and building system link, through the indoor machine can realize online shopping, distance education and other functions. VOD VOD is through host link network, from the network access to TV programs in TV play, thereby realizing TV on demand function. Received by a satellite television programs more widely, the international well-known radio covers both of them, can foot the needs of more people.

Two - Security Defense System

Security and defense system by electronic monitoring, closed-circuit monitoring, and the wireless video doorbell system. Electronic monitoring and community management center link, can on the district's dynamic record, CCTV is responsible for the various junctions real-time monitoring, wireless video doorbell closer to home furnishing, and visitors can video chat, remote lock, thereby greatly facilitating the daily life.

Three, equipment management system

Life often encountered water meter, electric meter, gas meter. Parking management, as well as the cell broadcast and so on through management system.

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