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Security Technology Systems Analysis owners moving infrared-LED Infrared Light
2011-08-16 08:39:47

LED infrared light from infrared light-emitting diode matrix composed of light. Infrared emission diode infrared radiation from the high efficiency materials PN junction, plus the forward bias the PN junction current injection to stimulate the infrared light. Produced using the technology of infrared cameras, known for the production of low cost and low technology threshold, currently the vast majority of manufacturers have chosen security.

Use of such technology manufacturers and users are aware, LED infrared radiation from the lamp, after prolonged use of heat, infrared lamp life, uneven brightness of the monitor screen has been troubled by questions. Meanwhile, the infrared technology has some limitations, the technology mainly to monitor the indoor environment and outdoor short-range-based, such as some of the interior passageways, corridors, rooms, warehouses, etc., like a short distance outdoors roads, corridors, junctions, entrances and exits, more suitable for monitoring smaller, shorter regions, these regions show the effect of the LED infrared light allows the user to accept, to some extent can be replaced by ultra-low-light video camera, nighttime surveillance.

Infrared LED manufacturers despite many improvements in life expectancy and the LED light from a single aspect has been greatly improved, but still far from meeting the needs of the current monitor, so the end could not escape the fate of being eliminated.

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