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Security monitoring system of intelligent development
2011-04-02 11:06:18
Intelligent security monitoring system is a very big issue, their implementation or even based on the monitoring system of digital, networked, high definition, and the result is through the analysis of near-human judgement to the entire security monitoring system of analysis of any abnormal event to make intelligent judgments, and provide intelligent correlation between systems, providing effective help for people's final decision.

Rapid development of security monitoring systems is obvious, either in domestic or in foreign countries, people seemed to suddenly found security monitoring systems have been almost everywhere in recent years. Such a situation, the reason, existing international counter-terrorism and growing demand for safety and protection system of factors also have security monitoring technologies themselves continue to develop and to better meet the needs of types of security factors.
Status of the development of security monitoring systems, the "of digital, networked, high definition, intelligent" concept has been widely accepted, and increasingly be reflected in specific application projects. This "four modernizations" clearly is security monitoring system future several years of development direction, and in specific implementation process in the, also will involves more system "integrated of", and "integrated of" both tablets Shang system integrated (SoC) of meaning, and has video monitoring and regional or week territories alarm and the out entry control, multiple child system integrated of meaning, that was will today of digital video monitoring status comes down for "combination era". Here, the "integrated" clearly is not just simple stacking or integration of multiple systems, but to consider the interface between the subsystems, between "intelligent" and associated issues of compatibility and harmonization of monitoring and management platform. In fact, only on the "four modernizations", still need to work in several technical details. "Digital" content even better understand; " Network "there are some issues that need discussion, for example, the NVR is really a DVR" Terminator "? network video monitoring system based on middleware for wireless networks, especially mobile networks (3G or other) what are the bottlenecks that need to be addressed? also, the" HD "high to what extent?" Intelligent "intelligence to what extent? based on the" four modernizations "security monitoring system can truly meet" delayed detection, response, "the traditional policing requirements? or to customize the way meeting the practical needs of a particular security application?

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