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Security of the Internet age has arrived
2011-05-23 08:42:56


Video analysis with network technology, technology, communication technology, information technology application in the field of security, wireless technology matures, the security subsystem integration is possible, it not only makes wiring and equipment cost reduction, enhanced, and the same management platform for easy operation and unified management, increase efficiency, making the system more humane. At the same time, traditional segmentation boundaries of security systems will gradually fade, was followed to a wider range of data integration and information sharing.

Now, security monitoring is no longer limited to analog monitor era of video lines, the line of control, but more to the digital, networked, intelligent direction. By virtue of the technical advantages and potentials for development, IP network monitoring security system development has been recognized in the industry is the main trend. Increasing market demand on the one hand, and on the "three" technology, especially networking technology getting more mature, security monitoring systems and computers, network, Exchange, storage, and so more and more closely related to the linkage relationship, drive the security industry inexorably into the IT age.

Entered the IT era, so that more security products integrated together, making security system management more simple and convenient, future security platform will be an identity element embedded in the entire IT system, the while security system will be "small", but the whole industry will be very "big", integration with the IT security industry, let go the way of security integration faster.

Security systems include TV monitoring, perimeter protection, security alarm, access control, vehicle management system, and so on, these subsystems have been widely applied, however, most security system applications are now: each subsystem separate in terms of wiring, equipment, system platforms, business management, and other aspects. The security subsystem on the physical and electrical independent existence, different routing, different structure and different signal types. If at the same time several subsystems, even if the occasional information between subsystems interact, is limited to the physical level by the end of a small amount of signal Exchange subsystem is essentially "jiquanzhishengxiangwen, and be completely isolated from each other all their lives." Such a subsystem will certainly make the entire security system complex, chaotic management, maintenance in the future there will be more difficult.

Security system development to now, introduced has many traditional industry of mature technology, as IT industry of network technology, and communications industry of transmission technology, and session technology, and multimedia of series decoding technology, and photography area of video processing technology, and broadcasting in the of digital interface technology and so on, current has began appears has various technology fusion of application, formation has based on network, and intelligent of, and digital, and HD of of series system solution programme. As IT, technology, and communications technology, in security system in the of widely application, security system and IT, system of Fusion has became may, for example, now the industry of business system embedded security application has started, for example chain, and power substation, and delivery, and financial, and electronic proctored, and environmental monitoring, of business processing video system, and as most with representative of emergency command system, and anti-theft alarm platform, across geographical, and dispersed networking type project increasingly more to and IT, and communications system fusion became industry processing system. Security of IT or of IT security, security will have to start actually incorporated into the multimedia information.

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