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Set of intelligent home control building intercom products
2011-09-02 08:48:24

Digital technology into the buildings intercom video completely subvert the concept, many companies in the digital platform for intercom video system will be expanded into digital smart home system, composed of a home security, remote control, home automation, entertainment, community service and other system components integrated management platform for the family. Digital intercom products and pay more attention to the appearance of the product manufacturing process, both in the selection and design more attractive, to suit home with, interface and use both more humane and personalized, and may become the development of digital computers product into people's family life is another high-tech products.

With related products and supporting technology continues to mature, this all-digital smart home system on the market has become a new bright spot in line the city's high-end real estate has been successfully applied. Due to cost factors, the current intercom is still the mainstream products on the market is bus-based, fully digital intercom system, only a very small market share. Although the equipment costs in terms of product, high-end digital intercom system, intercom system than in analog products expensive, but from the system's overall planning and long term, the whole system pipe network construction costs, installation and post maintenance and management costs, etc., the overall cost of digital systems more competitive than the analog system, the use of digital systems can also bring more added value.

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