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Smart Home is still hot, and intercom systems show common features
2011-10-09 09:02:51

At this stage, constantly new smart home system, using computer technology, network technology, audio and video encoding technology and embedded technology, combines video intercom system, alarm system, anti-family, home appliance control system, multimedia entertainment system, remote control systems other subsystem functions to achieve video intercom, home security alarm, all kinds of home appliance control, community information sharing, home security and home appliances remote control, to achieve an intelligent terminal can be simplified for all domestic operations. Showing a powerful, more user-friendly, functional modular options, additional features increase, and so on. Intercom system application is ready to come out.

Intercom systems and smart home used for residential quarters, the current standard of living as people enjoy the taste and the improvement of security and intelligent home appliances category is no longer only focus on function, but also began to pay attention to their appearance in style, so the design is taken into account when the user choose one of the important indicators. More beautiful appearance more in line with international trends, intercom, and the appearance of smart home products is more and more beautiful, both from the exterior color, shape or material or structural design, increasing in line with interior decorating style, the use of black and white color to play, with decorative wall painting, engaging and elegant.

In fact, the domestic manufacturers in the product structure, appearance, processing technology, style, are gradually approaching foreign products, but the finishing area, or with foreign products still a gap. In addition, it highlights the appearance of the processing, production is easier to break, but the appearance of creativity is more difficult, this may be the relative lack of professional creative talents of it.

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