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Some requirements of the smart home
2011-09-24 09:57:51

Some requirements of the smart home 

1, energy saving 

Computer-based technology and automation technology, smart home system can also be in the property management, fire, water, electricity, coal, etc. to provide multi-faceted services. At present, many manufacturers say their products can create a smart home environment for energy saving, energy saving so it really can do it? For example, smart home control system can do power management? If this is impossible, it is also how to talk about energy conservation. 

2, remote control 

The advantage of digital product: the technical use of embedded technology, more powerful hardware, software development, more flexible, more stable system, using standard Ethernet infrastructure, networking easier. It can be used as a family of intelligent control center, the appliance control, home security and monitoring, home information terminals and digital home entertainment are integrated together. Therefore, please verify that you can purchase through the Internet to access a smart terminal, and operating experience. 

3, the functions are integrated 

Smart Home is centralized control of home devices, the core should have a protocol, a system platform, a solution is equivalent to the computer's operating system. The corresponding specific products, such as security products, surveillance products, lighting control products, multimedia products, etc., can all be integrated in this system, the communication protocol through the system so that all subsystems connected to each other, information exchange, operationalYou can control each other. Many are just now on the market a simple subsystem equipment products, but also publicity for the intelligent home, in fact, is not correct, which requires consumers and between franchisees in the purchase to make a detailed analysis, product compatibility is better. 

4, the system is simple 

Smart home system, home improvements, mostly designed to take into account the time necessary, and home wiring at the same time, achieve the same functionality, you need to configure the system more simple, the higher degree of system integration, the higher technological content. Including the issues, to achieve the same functionality as the number of modules required; system capacity, which means there is no maximum size limit; module controlled by the amount of equipment; wiring simplicity, and several other issues. 

5, superior service 

Service is an important factor in the development of all enterprises. So, whether it is digital video intercom, or smart home system, services are indispensable.The services include pre-sales services, including after-sales service. Sale requires user training and technical return visit regularly, asking whether the product in question, to provide users with satisfactory service, will ultimately win the trust of customers. 

Finally, back to the central topic, the pragmatic choice. Whether direct users, developers, or property management company, we must first do a full understanding of the needs, then select the right product, must not focus on the pursuit of fashion, art, beautiful features and appearance. Because, as household products, stability overrides everything, practical overwhelming. 

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