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Standard uniform is the key to the industrialization of digital intercom
2011-09-06 08:35:14

Digital Intercom is the building intercom industry trends, whether standardization is a key. Intercom standardization has been the focus of industry professionals to develop national standards for digital intercom can not be completed overnight thing. Analog to digital is inevitable, video intercom is bound to go digital. Because enterprises with interest, and so standardized step is not easy, requires a transition, this transition can be achieved wiring. We all take the Internet, digital, digital cable is the same. Wiring may be uniform, but can then progress to achieve standardization, which is a long process.

As we all know, decided to industry dominance in technical standards, China's digital radio standards development work has started the past two years, but now most of the radio companies are not involved, in order to change the situation, should call for enterprises to actively participate in the ranks of the national standardization to go. There are many industry professionals believe that the national standard form before the first form of industrial technology alliances, the establishment of Union standards, and then to Union standards, rose to national standards, the world standard. As the current foreign standards has a de facto international standard, in order to make our products successfully to the international market, China's industrial development in developing appropriate technical standards and technical specifications must be compatible with DMR / DPMR and other international standards.

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