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TCP/IP in the wireless intercom on the edge
2012-08-09 09:07:44


The development of wireless technology on building intercom system produced tremendous effect, make the traditional buildings Talkback system malpractice more prominent, especially in wiring and construction, is unchanged, thus also making the building intercom systems to increase the cost of wireless technology, apply successfully solves a problem, but also in the expansion of the a more open, following with the view of wireless intercom advantage.

1 no wiring

Using TCP/IP wireless talkback buildings do not need wiring. Can be directly through the community broadband network connection, thereby realizing the wireless visual function, thus a can simplify the installation process, reduce the wiring cost. In the latter part of the maintenance is also very convenient.

2 unlimited channel

TCP/IP mode of communication without access restriction, no matter how many persons at the same time will not be busy phenomenon. Compared with the traditional buildings Talkback more efficient.

3, good stability

Wireless communication devices are usually sporadic, instability, and TCP/IP is with broadband network connection, without outside interference and distance constraints, the stability has absolute superiority.

4 open system

Wireless intercom by using Linux system based on TCP/IP protocol. The system of open source, there are a large number of programmers for the development, not only to ensure that the system has fast and stable, but also protect the port standardization, convenient to cross between the brand access.

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