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TCP/IP let visual doorbell more perfect
2012-08-07 09:22:16


The Tcp/ip technology in the wireless intercom applications substantially improve the building intercom system processing capabilities, from the original deficiency tens of megabytes of concurrency, ascending to the hundreds of megabytes of broadband processing, this upgrade solution of residential consumption and lead the system paralysis, TCP/IP high concurrency can be of arbitrary multiple users without line is busy. It is for this reason that makes the building intercom to enter the intelligent home furnishing market. Fluidly connected with the dialogue, visual doorbell HD intercom, in line with the new era of intelligent home furnishing needs, and intelligent home furnishing the amalgamation of more perfect to build home furnishing life.

TCP/IP technology to join for the building intercom rose to new heights, to solve the traditional buildings Talkback limitations, and increases the extensible function, which can be integrated into the smart home furnishing, home furnishing become intelligent control terminal. However, intelligent home furnishing is a strong overall system, and the control terminal is the system in which a small portion, intercom manufacturers want to thoroughly integrated into the intelligent home furnishing industry, and not rely solely on this small indoor extension can do..

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