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TCP/IP technology in the application of wireless video doorbell
2012-06-08 08:37:11


In the future smart home furnishing, whether in the application of wireless video doorbell, or security infrastructure construction, TCP/IP wireless video technology are necessary, TCP/IP is a data transmission protocol, it has broken the traditional visible intercommunication between different manufacturers is not compatible with the problem, in the transmission can be like a telephone, no distance limitation.

Using the TCP/IP protocol of wireless visual intercom system, including, indoor machine, door machine, machine, routers and terminal equipment, with the current mainstream IPV6streaming media technology, can be like a WEB LAN, let the whole area between interconnected.

It not only has the traditional visual intercom, remote lock and other functions, also has a control system, conference system, telephone, Internet, VOIP Internet VOD VOD, network television, digital photo frame, and other commonly used recreational function,

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