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Technological innovation of the 2012 wireless video doorbell
2012-05-29 09:15:23


   The maturing of the intelligent home, as the daily use of the doorbell, do thestability of the wireless video doorbell at the same time, to improve the the doorbellindoor entertainment machine, such as: indoor unit added background music totouch the remote, indoor light to music can be to eliminate the fatigue of a day's work, there is envisaged a key audio and video functions.


    In the indoor unit design audio and video manipulation module, simply open themode to automatically turn off lights, auxiliary lights automatically turn on and dimautomatically open, home theater systems, home DVD, amplifier and other equipment automatically boot, projection screen is automatically put down, the projector start, that point, the user will be able to enjoy the movie they want to see.


Highlight the entertaining, as part of security products, the most important thing issecurity, a new generation of smart home will phone the perfect combination, even if the user is out, the phones can monitor the status of the home, if there is unforeseen circumstances, can the phone system to the Community Security Center alerts In addition, the system also has the video capture function can effectively retain theillegal trespassers like to provide effective evidence for the detection.

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