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Ten classic features of intelligent home
2011-09-30 09:21:13

Ten classic features of intelligent home
1 intelligent lighting control
That is a direct replacement for the traditional switch intelligent switch, to achieve one on one for home lighting on and off, fully open and fully closed and the combination of form, can be used to power line carrier and two ways to form the system bus technology, control Category remote control, telephone handset control, computer remote control, timing control and a variety of control scenarios, the use of the system can make your life more quality, more energy efficient (because they can moderate dimming), more stylish and convenient, and many other advantages .

2. Intelligent electrical control
Electrical control of major appliances for the traditional intelligent control, there is no requirement for appliances, such as the household air-conditioning, water heaters, water dispensers, television and electric curtains and other devices to control lighting system can become more fully integrated smart home system, the control type sub-remote control, telephone handset control, computer remote control, timing control and scene control, multi-directional control, the use of the system can make your life more comfortable, to advance into the ranks of high-tech life configuration.

3 Intelligent security alarm
Major role in security, fire and anti-gas leak, you can set the alarm at home, home alarm and two, there are regularly scheduled deployment and disarm, disarm armed partition function. When the home alarm, all devices are working, whether indoors or outdoors as long as you can so that the occurrence of the host local alarm, telephone or mobile phone alarm, home alarm situation, the owner is in the indoor activities, the terminal equipment with the direction of recognition, you can distinguish the human body is into or out of, in order to prevent thieves from taking advantage, when the house fire or gas leak occurs, the host will automatically contact the owner and the alarm to the relevant departments, and the total gas through the valve automatically valve closed.

4. Intelligent background music
For music lovers, but this system is the most suitable, especially for know how to enjoy the modern young people, the biggest advantage of this system is not only sweet music to the output, the most critical is that it enables audio sharing, and can the audio output to multiple players, each player can be individually controlled, and control the player via the remote control to switch different sources (such as DVD, FM, computers, etc.); time to open another can achieve the function, for example, When you get up at 8 o'clock to go to work, it will prompt you to use music to wake from a dream; addition it can integrate into the lighting control system which, in a variety of scene mode automatically switches you want to play music.

5. Intelligent video sharing
For friends who like to watch TV, if the system allows you to set the remote control can switch the cable TV signal, satellite TV signal, DVD, digital phone, then it's so easy and pleasant thing! The system will be able to meet your specific needs this, and can each video signal (also known as AV signal) output of up to 8 TV; other words, if the increase is responsible for equipment, but also to share the computer through the TV host, up to four TV sets at the same time the Internet, plus keyboard and mouse through the TV and play games online, this way, the unity of this intelligent control signal to entertainment to your life, adding numerous fun.

6. Intelligent lock control
Code of the Congregation for the majority of the user to select a variety of locks, electric bolt into specific locks, magnetic locks, electric locks, fingerprint lock, hotel lock and remote lock series, can achieve a variety of places the needs of intelligent control locks; electric lock, magnetic locks, electric locks with the buildings the main use of the product, if used for residential quarters, offices, banks and schools; hotel lock as long as the site for hotels; the main lock and remote lock biased in favor of high-end residential villas, than other locks have a higher degree of recognition.

7 video intercom system
Video intercom products now more mature, sophisticated case everywhere, which has a large network intercom system, but also have a separate intercom system, such as the use of the villa, which took part in a drag, one with two, a delayed three etc.; general function is to achieve a call, video, intercom and other functions, but now through the "odd goods home," the department has integrated many different products to achieve a unified platform, enhancing the advantages of complete control of the system, so host can also control room lighting and appliances a home.

8 remote monitoring system
The system implementation is based on the principle of wiring can be achieved with a combination of broadband and remote video monitoring, to achieve the way through IE or mobile phone to be monitored, for banks, residential and other public places are equipped with large hard disk monitor series VCR, general monitoring of the screen you can save more than one month; in addition to relatively simple stand-alone network camera more suitable for home, simple installation, but also realize the screen to save and view remote site IE and mobile environment, especially for travel frequently to the crowd or far abroad and their families to communicate.

9 Central Vacuum System
The system with the traditional household cleaners, the biggest difference is that a strong suction, without holding a master everywhere, and never worry about noise; This system uses high-power fixed host in the basement or remote areas, to avoid a host of noise; vacuum pipes embedded in the wall which will effectively reduce the hassle of work.

10 Control system integration
Summary: After various intelligent control departments to work together to effectively improve the product line with the efficiency ratio, to minimize costs to maximize function, from a practical point of view function to achieve a lot more concise and effective control, we let the users only need to integrate in the system products which can be done lighting control, electrical control, security alarm, background music, video, information sharing and weak six functions.

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