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The European debt crisis visual doorbell enterprises decide on what path to follow
2012-09-18 16:05:50


n just the end of the sixth Summer Davos forum, the global economy has become the main topic of the forum, the International Monetary Fund vice president Zhu Min said, the European debt crisis is still facing a major crisis global. The European Central Bank's management committee, Finland's central bank governor Liikanen said, the European debt crisis will continue for several years.

The European debt crisis of security of small and medium enterprises decide on what path to follow?

European debt crisis on the current security industry influence

The global economy 's domestic enterprises, market atrophy, the demand on the international market downturn, export volume has been greatly affected, the small and medium-sized enterprise development brings great influence.

In the domestic security companies, small and medium enterprises accounted for the vast majority of. Although the domestic security industry has developed for 30 years, but is still at the primary stage of development. As a result of the earlier security industry technical threshold is relatively low, in the development of the industry is very influential during, a lot of enterprises driven by profit, in the absence of any industry experience and technology precipitation cases have bee into the security of the industrial chain, resulting in the security industry, market chaos dragons and fishes jumbled together without order.

In 2012, under the influence of the economic crisis, from the part of the company's semi-annual report and quarterly reports can be seen in many enterprises, the performance increase compared to the same period last year dropped sharply, enterprises are faced with reduced orders, artificial rising raw material costs, financing, profit drops and other serious problems, these problems for many industries such as real estate industry, the furniture industry, the security industry has a certain influence, and for the already existing liquidity problems of security of small and medium-sized enterprises is one disaster after another, let these small and medium enterprises once again facing reshuffle threat.

Security of small and medium enterprises decide on what path to follow?

The author thinks that in the face of economic crisis, small and medium-sized enterprise if you want to get through this without being involved in the shuffle army, should from the following aspects.

1 actively participate in exhibitions

Exhibition is the enterprise brand on the market one of the most direct way, can let visitors to a more comprehensive understanding of enterprise brand. In addition to product exhibition, the enterprise can also through the lottery, question answering, presented a small gift for more visitors during the exhibition held in the eye, a theme of the forum, for exhibitors to deepen the impression of the brand and goodwill of enterprises, will be on the brand promotion plays a certain role.

2 make full use of network marketing

In the global economy, contract below the circumstance of atrophy of market of small and medium-sized enterprises, more cannot lax, but should unite together, to help enterprises through this big storm. Network marketing is a new marketing mode, have spread rapidly, direct, vivid, fast and efficient characteristics, if the enterprise in this operation, also can get twice the result with half the effort. So in the brand promotion, enterprises should make full use of various resources, not only in the industry media publicity, but also in other sites for advertising, brand slogan to advertise and soft man release, actively promote the network marketing.

3 focus on after sale service

After sale service is always building intercom industry there is a serious problem, many enterprises have " although project, regardless of customer service maintenance " this idea. Service, in any industry, will decide the enterprise finally development. So, in this special time, small and medium-sized enterprises should be in the equipment maintenance than large enterprises to invest more energy, with a good reputation and credibility to win more users and support.


On the security of enterprises, the economic crisis is a challenge and also an opportunity. Small and medium-sized enterprises should proceed from their own to find a breakthrough point, focus on brand awareness, build brand reputation, for the enterprise development the future continue to accumulate positive energy. ( this article source: /lee thousands of network)

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