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The advantages of GPRS Monitor
2011-12-01 09:38:15

Relative to the original GSM dial-up circuit switched data transmission, GPRS packet-switched technology, has a "real-time online", "according to the amount of billing," "quick login", "high-speed transmission," "freely switch" advantages.

1) real-time online
"Real-time online", that users keep in touch with the network at any time. For example, when users access the Internet, cell phone in the wireless channel to send and receive data, even if no data transmission, mobile phone has also been maintained with the network connection, not only initiated by the user-side data transfer, you can start at any time from the network side of the push class of business, not as an ordinary dial-up after the break had to re-dial to surf the Internet.

2) the amount of billing
Users can have online, according to the user to receive and send data packets to the number of charges, there is no data traffic is passed, the user is not even linked to the Internet charges. Figuratively speaking: sleep daze are free.

3) fast login
GPRS users a boot, it is always attached to the GPRS network, every time use only one active process, generally only 1 to 3 seconds can immediately login to the Internet, and fixed dial-up Internet access dial-up required to verify the user name password, the login server and so on, at least 8 to 10 seconds or longer.

4) high-speed transmission
GPRS uses packet switching technology, the highest theoretical data rate can reach 171.2kb / s, but the actual speed limits and by the mobile terminal coding restrictions may vary. Circuit-switched data services at a rate of 9.6K bits per second, so the circuit-switched data services (the CSD) and GPRS is like the relationship between 9.6K Modem and 33.6K, 56K, like the difference between the Modem.

5) freely switch
GPRS provides data transmission and voice transmission can be carried out simultaneously or switch advantage. In other words the user with a mobile phone while surfing the Internet, you can receive voice calls. For example, the original dial-up Internet, then you can not access call, we can not answer the phone, and GPRS is similar to the concept of the ISDN fixed-line telephone access correct. GSM dial-up relative to the original circuit-switched data transmission mode, GPRS is packet switching technology, with "high speed" and "always on" advantage.

GPRS Monitor

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