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The advantages of high-definition video surveillance
2011-07-20 09:21:26

High Definition is the definition of intuitive feelings. The common people of the security monitoring more from television news. Such as certain theft, robbery, fighting, murder and other criminal cases, investigators through the retrieval of surveillance video, picture analysis, just a few hours on the detection of cases. To the people is the most direct experience of high-tech means, but also enable them to some sense of security. However, there will often hear "The monitor picture is not clear, can not determine the suspects face, to solving the enormous difficulties" in the media. Such as Changsha, shootings, such as Phoenix jumped to female cases, because of image blurring, can not tell the truth. At this point, if you have a better understanding of video surveillance, certainly knows how to solve the problem. 

The benefits of not only high-definition picture clarity. In addition to screen high-definition HD monitor outside, watching the scene range increased a lot. For example, road monitoring, with the SD cameras, then each camera can only cover a lane; but with HD cameras, each able to cover two or three lanes, so that the whole project the number of cameras on more than halved, and reduce theengineering, installation and wiring work, the overall cost is not more than lofty standard. Again banking supervision, as banks are special circumstances, generally not allowed to use the ball machine monitoring, are more guns to cover the base of the audience. If you use a high-definition monitor, not only improves image sharpness, but the camera would also reduce the large ones, so that the project installation and wiring becomes simple. With the increasingly popularity of high definition, the overall cost will fall. 

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