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The advantages of wireless smart home
2011-10-12 08:48:03

Wireless is becoming a mainstream form, this is no doubt that as time goes on, the performance of this technology will become more perfect, and its applications will be increasingly complex, imagine you future life, not through any of the "line" connection, you can move freely in a space, people can freely control the devices in the home environment and daily life, it will be what a wonderful world ah. For example, many consumers now have a number of movies, television, music and photo libraries, they very much hope that any parts from the family will be able to access via wireless devices to the media. Wireless smart home will not only support multiple concurrent users and devices, and it's powerful features can guarantee quality of service, to ensure that all devices in the family can live better user experience, while providing intelligent content management and distribution. Through the above description, we can see, a new generation of wireless smart home network, no wiring and use will be relatively free, to build awareness of the new wireless home devices to experience and enjoy. It is flexible networking, low cost, eliminating the slot through walls and other cumbersome procedures, the overall low cost; mobile and strong, expansive, and can get rid of "line" restrictions, set within the coverage area, users easy access to the home network system equipment.
To sum up, the wireless home network is mainly characterized with the following advantages:
(1) context-aware network which has the external environment and objects of perception, the successful achievement of the future home of intelligent life "things and things, and objects of" information exchange between the key and the backbone of the perception of information access aware networking is the future of things the smart home environment of nerve endings.
(2) self-organizing wireless network can achieve short-range wireless communication transmission, perception of information through the network to achieve self-organization of information transmission. Wireless ad hoc networks with self-management, self-repair capabilities.
(3) cost-effective wireless home mobile and flexible, and strong expansion, free removal, in addition, it also has low-cost, low power consumption, in line with "low-carbon life" green home concept.

wireless smart home

wireless smart home

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