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The basic requirements of intelligent buildings
2011-09-07 14:11:33

The basic requirements of intelligent building is a complete control, management, maintenance and communications facilities, to facilitate environmental control, security management, alarm monitoring, and help to improve work efficiency, to stimulate people's creativity. In short, the basic requirements of intelligent buildings are: office automation equipment, intelligent, high performance communications systems, flexible architecture, construction management services automation.

Intelligent building environment should provide a superior living environment and efficient work environment:
Comfort. Enable people to live and work in intelligent buildings (including public areas), whether psychological or physical comfort are, for air-conditioning, lighting, noise, green, natural light and other environmental conditions should achieve better or best state;

Efficiency. Improve office operations, communications, decision-making efficiency and save manpower, time, space, resources, energy consumption, costs, and building their own facilities systems management efficiency;
Convenience. In addition to centralized management, ease of maintenance, we must also have efficient information services;

Adaptability. For office organization, office methods and procedures change and renewal of equipment adaptability, when the network changes and update functions, without prejudice to existing systems;

Security. In addition to ensuring the life, property, building safety, we must also consider information security, information network in place to prevent information leakage and interference, particularly to prevent destruction of information and data, tampering, to prevent hacking;
Reliability. Selection of equipment hardware and software technology is mature, well, easy to maintain, when the failure to timely repair.

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