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The benefits of wireless video doorbell and application
2011-11-05 09:13:58

◆ do not have to help professionals or installers, installation costs shall be exempt from payment of expenses, free Zaoqiang, does not destroy the furnishings, interior socket to plug in application, can be placed arbitrarily moving place.
◆ the use of wireless technology, high-frequency transmitter, compare wireless. Effectively put an end to disrupt the neighborhood of each other and false ring trouble.
◆ the majority of areas severely tested by the straight-line remote control interval of not less than 400 meters away, to meet the needs of different family environments.
◆ wireless doorbell are exceptionally kind and look more decorative and applicability. Meet the high-end home decorative modification.
◆ install wireless doorbell, no knock on the door big, loud Mengen, but also a cultural symbol of progress.
◆ home in the district, only a strong and intercom throughout the preparation of the compilation unit, infrared sensor probe. Into the building or if the exchange between neighbors is regrettable to do? Wireless doorbell ready to help, you see probe sensor.
◆ strong DIY wireless doorbell can be one with a wireless doorbell. One with two, two with one, one with more and more with first-class, upstairs there; living room, back room there, anywhere in the room can hear the tone.
◆ In addition to use as an ordinary doorbell, but also as a contact, paging, patient care and other special use.
◆ application: for example, restaurant, kitchen, good food can be called the dormant member serving the doorbell, so it does not matter quickly on hot dishes. Win the source, the satisfaction of everyone.
◆ Application 2: for example, chess hall, all the guests do not have to disturb others, when the guests when necessary, click the doorbell can call up.
◆ Application 3: for example, chemical plants, separated by glass, wearing masks, wireless direct communication, then click the doorbell, next door to understanding the process to the next.
◆ Application 4: for example, decoration companies, renovation sites, they can not hear the door, afraid to knock on new doors bad, then if a doorbell, it is much easier.
◆ Applications V: for example, building homes, children playing in the upstairs, the food well, do not want to climb the stairs too much effort, click the door bell several indoor unit can work.
◆ Application VI: for example, home for the elderly, activities smth need to ask people down, when he wanted to eat, drink, toilet or not, can ring the doorbell paging, so the first time intelligible Jingyu family.

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The benefits of wireless video doorbell and application

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