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The building to speaks the product to become the digital family foundation constituent
2011-06-24 14:27:29

the digit video intercom the product to be opposite visibly in the tradition to speaks the product visibly the comparison superiority, as well as the market to speaks the product to propose that visibly the digitized request, these cause domestic to speak the factory to speak the product visibly to the digit to chase in a swarm visibly. Although the digit video intercom the product regarding the majority factories was still visibly the generalization, but domestic somewhat had the strong economic potentiality and the good engineering factor factory, the years already vigorously researched and developed this project,

 in recent years, also saw one after another the pure digit video intercom the product visibly in market appearing on the market, simultaneously also started to apply in the domestic some high-end estate. the housing estate presents the plot to occupy a land area, the household variety in recent years to be many in a big way, the number are many, the high-quality goods are many, request higher characteristic, but expands unceasingly facing these the residential district, the networking has become the question which has a headache. Guangzhou lives in contentment valuable digital science and technology Limited company deputy general manager Huang Weining to introduce: “lives in contentment the treasure to speak the system in the residential district building to use the Internet construction to come the networking, it has substituted for the original main line networking way, specially aims at some large-scale residential district, we can suggest that the building to speaks the system to use the network construction networking, the mixed mode installment, like this may adapt in the identical plot the different client base demand, for example: The villa, the upscale apartment terminal with colored to speaks the product visibly, the ordinary apartment with black and white to speaks the product visibly, returns to original home or work the household and the low price ordinary housing with non-to speaks the product visibly.

the domestic real estate industry competition is intense, real estate business is willing to invest many some resources into the housing intellectualization construction aspect, constructs the high-quality goods estate, provides a safer more comfortable environment to the owner. Therefore, the digit to speaks the product is visibly needs to satisfy this part of customers the demand, for example: The large screen belt touching design's entrance machine, the colored family intelligence extension telephone, in the function requests to be higher, for example: The color image + writing's information issued that the system, the visitor take a souvenir photo, the visitor message, the short note warning, the elevator linkage, the vehicles to arrive at notice and so on.

but , entire digital product after entering the plot, generally must pass through two year above time to test, and the occupancy rate must achieve above 60%, can through to owner's investigation proof system's success or not.

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