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The choose and buy of wireless door bell skills
2012-05-08 11:38:51


The rapid development of mobile Internet, let people move to the application more dependent on, people used to use the move tool control life, such as TV, air conditioning. Then wireless door bell also arises at the historic moment. Perhaps you also to the wireless the doorbell don't know much about, when the whole family is watching television or playing games of time, suddenly someone visit, no one wants to open the door, perhaps you and your family will want to, if home a taichung end, visitors can see who it is and can be a little finger button to open the door not convenient, this is the most popular wireless video the doorbell, then we in the choose and buy when the doorbell wireless what will you pay attention to that? Listen to the author YiYiDaoLai below.


Wireless video the doorbell suitable for: 1. The single household building or apartment

2. Take the villa garden

3. District unit and offices

4. The hotel, the hotel

5. Hospitals and clinics




The first distance problem:

The principle of wireless door bell from talkback system, so in the purchase of the doorbell first wireless to consider the distance problem, general wireless door bell distance in the 180-300 meters, the user can undertake choosing according to oneself circumstance.


The second lock problem: according to the customer's reaction conditions, the main problems on the lock, all of the wireless door bell, wireless video of the doorbell lock function, are used in electronic locks, or closed or often a form. If is open about the induction door, it is to use. Because of the way the doorbell wireless lock design, is so of the design. Everyone in the purchase, need to pay attention!

So everybody in the right to choose their own wireless video the doorbell, should pay attention to these problems. Wireless door bell, wireless video the doorbell, bring convenient new life.

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