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The city changes a process to quicken the development of visual doorbell
2012-08-14 09:23:08


As the domestic market infrastructure, in order to promote and civilian market gradually flourishing, video surveillance has been infiltrated into all areas of the national economy, with the obvious price advantage, South Korea and Taiwan, long-term orders to move inland, the domestic rapid expansion overseas well-known manufacturers. Is expected to " 12 ", in the video surveillance industry in the domestic market will receive an industry annual growth rate of about 20% has maintained a very high fever.

Security industry as a whole, optimistic about the fundamentals

General can be divided into video monitoring system, video intercom systems, access control systems, electronic patrol system, access control systems, building intercom, security and network alarm system and other security system, from the technical point of view. Video monitoring system in many subsystem through its combination, to exert their functions of front row. The value of the security industry about 40-45%, no doubt in the security industry central position, ranks among the global security company team basically is positioned as the video monitoring equipment suppliers.

Video surveillance security products are mainly used in public security, finance, postal, telecommunications, transportation, electric power, coal and other industries, in a series of security products, video surveillance systems, video surveillance and other basic needs of the most central location in order to achieve the best results of combined application. High definition in 2012 will become an obvious trend, the proportion of high definition video camera will greatly enhance and promote the members of the NR upgrade, intelligence is in the next 3-5 years, development trend. On 2010, Chinese video security industry market size more than 40000000000 yuan, according to the " Twelfth Five Year Plan ", 2015, the video monitoring system of production value will exceed 10000000000 yuan, the annual compound growth rate of nearly 40%, has the highest growth potential and the security division.

High definition digital intelligent industry development trend

Wireless video doorbell with the development of the times, constantly optimize. Video monitoring technology in recent years, gradually to the integrated video monitoring system of digital, networked, intelligent direction of development, has now become the lawmakers Sunday is the core of system upgrade. A noise reduction system, the traditional video, audio and control signals for digital network interface device in the form of the network transmission of IP packets, to realize the network, high resolution, high quality real time monitoring function.

High definition based on the strong demand, only to realize safety monitoring of the effect of technical progress, to promote high definition image transmission technology, processing and transmission technology in high definition, high definition technology has matured. The next year the government, public security, transportation, banks will be the promotion of high definition of the main body. HD trend, not only in China, but also more specific in the United States and Europe next year. Digital video capture device, high definition escalation in vigorous growing period. HD product price than traditional time series time analog camera is much higher, spread to eight times the HD product promotion, improve equipment supplier profitability.

Video surveillance is one of the fastest growing technology updates, and industry safety and security industry best opportunity, the network becomes more and more obvious, the giant IT technology begins to show. Domestic IT enterprises to security company representative, including satellite network Ruijie, ZTE transnational mergers and acquisitions. Pay more attention to network, most manufacturers of alarm and networking with alarm and video surveillance, combination, showed great interest in.

Safe industry chain is rapidly expanding

1, in addition to front-end acquisition equipment in good running video monitoring system can not be separated from the transmission, control and back-end storage product line and improve the product of homogeneous sets in a certain extent impact on the company's product competitiveness and popularity. Standardized products occupying the market advantage of scale benefit the future industry standardization of the discourse, and complete product structure will actively promote the enterprises to expand from the income scale and market share of the front end and the back end, may be concerned about Hikvision UOB shares.

The sensor is the first link of Internet of things, building visual intercom is a very popular customers like security products, has a wide range of promotion, video monitoring is one of the most typical applications, sensor network applications accounted for 40%. Video surveillance network, to take such an important position, is the most widely used video monitoring market is the biggest, the Internet early stages of development can is one of the most powerful things. According to the " Twelfth Five Year Plan in China to 2015, " the Internet of things whole Internet market will reach 75000000000 yuan, as the Internet of things 1 video monitor, a huge space for development of the typical application in the first link. Intelligent speed up the touch screen as the input of new methods, combined with the necessary configuration as the mobile terminal display function, its future development prospects.

Access control and management industry is a industry security, access control, flow control and management, the main products include intelligent parking management system, intelligent charging management system, intelligent patrol management system, and the corresponding equipment, less flow control management market, the main products include intelligent access control systems, attendance management system for smart, intelligent access gateway management system, as well as the door sensors and other related equipment. Optimistic, in traffic, crowd control management have a leading market share Jieshun technology, to provide a unified signal transmission field solution, and participating in the electronic industry standards, building intercom, intelligent home furnishing industry trends, suitable for living treasure. Surge protection technology field and other fields, such as the Cape Town inventor, it is intelligent, HW technology, future trends.

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