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The current digital video intercom security products market real estate application
2011-07-18 08:42:41

In the current market, non-digital video intercom products, though still mainstream, but its poor anti-interference, transmission distance is limited, the system can not be compatible with other issues have not been well addressed. And as people's living standards, a single video intercom can not meet the family and community safety needs, the user of the product's security, stability,

The appearance of diversity and fashion have put forward higher requirements. The needs of individual users has been confirmed from the traditional visitor, intercom door, nice interior extension extended to home security and intelligent home control, information dissemination and visitor image viewer. Therefore, integrated building intercom, access control, burglar alarm, monitoring and other functions of digital video intercom system will usher in a demand period.

Digital video intercom wiring is simple, easy maintenance, no middleware, can be applied in a variety of large-scale networking among communities and villas, to avoid the problem of bus busy; other needs of the market is more comprehensive, more intelligent indoor terminal Talk it out of the ordinary problem of low product and improve the user's quality of life. For the advantages of digital video intercom, Matsumoto first to Shenzhen Technology Development Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhang Jianbin added: "New IP (digital) intercom system, using a common network architecture, changing the traditional intercom complex engineering model, system architecture is very simple, complementary products are few, very small quantities are also the traditional characteristics of systems engineering to consumer products for the rapidly changing characteristics of the products, will greatly change the intercom system in all circulation patterns bring significant new business opportunities. "

The rise of digital video intercom can solve many of the original analog technology can not solve problems, such as household conversation, pictures messages, information receiving / publishing, intelligent appliance control, remote control, multimedia, Web surfing. While residential broadband network applications based on the basis of the smart home system can also be in the property management, fire, water, electricity, coal, etc. to provide multi-faceted services. According to industry estimates, the integration of smart home products and intercom digital video intercom products will become the new darling of the market.

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