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The development direction of future wireless video doorbell
2012-09-01 14:30:27


Wireless video doorbell although greatly convenient home furnishing life, but due to technical defects are difficult to apply to more than three residential, it also causes the wireless video doorbell Market limitations, to break the technical problem is the wireless doorbell visual long-term development the only way which must be passed, and according to the situation of the development of visual doorbell, the doorbell. Development of square down to the following points:

1 based on the WAN, LAN, INTERNET network transmission;

2 full digital transmission, management platform, is not susceptible to interference;

3 support visual and non-visual hybrid network;

The 4 network is simple, no need for wiring, the original use of the integrated wiring system can realize;

5 do not have dedicated indoor machine terminal, mobile phone, 3G, notebook computer desktop computer can be used as a terminal;

The 6 system is of high reliability, convenient operation, convenient construction and the like;

7 door machine with large touch screen, operation simple;

The 8 server real-time authentication method, high safety performance.

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