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The development direction of infinite visual doorbell
2012-07-25 09:40:48


Wireless doorbell visual stability

Because the wireless technology products, stable below traditional wired intercom, as a user oriented product, stability failure is often the user does not dare to buy wireless products, wireless intercom for long-term development is very adverse, so we in the stability under foot work. Using the mature TCP/IP technology, the traditional wireless technology applied to digital, and network direction, thereby greatly improving the stability of the products. At the same time, the product in the function also have better expansion, in the future network intercom, and digital intercom held advantage.

Product cost

The popularity of 3G technology, and touch technology fashion, let the wireless video doorbell industry faces new choice, now commonly used in the2.4Ghz wireless communication technology is an international free band, and the use of 3G is needed to pay large fees for patents. Which leads to the cost of the product greatly increased. Talk about touch, touch mobile phone pop the touch technology popularization. May even TV remote control with touch technology, industry and so on intercom. Touch technology core in the screen, the screen determines the touch touch, touch screen is mainly divided into two kinds, resistance touch screen and capacitive touch screen. Resistive screen is the most cheap price, vendor selection, resistance screen operation effect in general, than the capacitance screen, while the capacitance screen high price, almost let intercom love manufacturers and step back, to create a more perfect products and services to users, or to choose low prices to win market. It is also a difficult choice.

Wireless doorbell visual user experience

The user experience is always an ultimate question, no matter what the product is based on user experience center will fail. Im so, many technical development staff, often obsessed with their own technology, ignoring the user experience, it is extremely wrong. Due to a wide range of users, to meet the majority of people's operation habit still is difficult problem.

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