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The development history of the doorbell
2011-11-21 09:23:09

Main function is similar to the door bell, a voice to remind owners when guests are coming. "Bell" in ancient China, people in the big door is equipped with decorative door knocker, or hanging a huge bronze handle. Groom to the guests to the front, it will pull it affects the way the bells inside to show come; in the modern "bell" is no longer a privilege of the rich, the "bell" had to fly into the homes of ordinary people; all kinds of "doorbell" abound, modern people the most common "bell" is the electronic products: general security, including two AA batteries, push-button outside the trigger was pressed, the door of the "bell" on the "tick beep "to ring several more. Some of the IC chip is also an electronic music player; modern apartment in a high-level of the "bell" be the most expensive of these, not only Mengen dialogue, but also through the camera so that home owners see on the screen as far away as door downstairs outside visitors, and evolved into a color from the screen black and white screen, the evolution from 2.4-inch screen to a 7-inch screen, and even 10-inch screen, which is now talking about building intercom system - wireless video intercom doorbell.

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