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The development trend of modern security monitoring
2011-08-17 08:32:50

Modern trends in digital security monitoring, network-based, integrated, intelligent, standardized, and advanced security technology continues to permeate all sectors, forming a feature in the application of different industries.


Since a typical digital surveillance products on behalf of - hard drive video recorder (DVR), figures of the concept has gained ground monitors, Digital Video Recorder today has been host to the development of intelligent digital control.


Network digital audio and video server (DVS), IP cameras, Network Digital Video Recorder (NVR), etc. These products are closely related and network applications, front-end digital transmission is the direct result of the network and back-end applications, the more The more stressed the system to network applications, network systems deployed in a way to break the geographical area and equipment and expand the number of boundaries.


I had seen the past by different manufacturers to provide anti-theft alarm system and video surveillance systems to achieve the basic interaction, but has never been so well integrated integration, integration platform software through the serial port, bus, network interface and software technology, can well integrated with the integration of a variety of products.


Complex and flexible alarm linkage strategy, intelligent video analysis, image pattern recognition, image motion detection are the intelligent development of the law.


Video compression generally follow MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264 and other standards, audio compression generally follow G711, G723.1 and other standards, PTZ control is also well-known brand manufacturers standard protocols, more standards will help interoperability of products from different manufacturers.

Streaming Media Monitoring Technology

Streaming media technology is the use of streaming technology, that is continuous compressed image and sound processing in the network to implement real-time transmission of multimedia information and play. After compression, the composite multimedia data, need to use streaming media technology on the network for reliable real-time transmission. Streaming media and the key is to use streaming technology, the multimedia information from the audio and video server to the user terminal continuously transmitted in real time. This streaming of multimedia information system data is parsed by a specific compression into compressed packets from the streaming media server to the user terminal sequences or real-time transmission, the user only after a few seconds of startup delay can be viewed.

In the large-scale network monitoring systems, often require the use of streaming media, streaming media distribution technology to achieve a distributed network monitoring applications to avoid network bottlenecks concurrent flows. Streaming media monitoring technology through the completion of a number of streaming media technology network video surveillance applications, streaming media through effective network management to achieve rational use of the network for large-scale video surveillance network provides a solid technical support.

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