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The effect of mobile Internet on visual doorbell
2012-07-24 09:44:22


From the media and coal boss Lu Hongbo Luo Yonghao to mobile phone, it seems the mobile Internet has step toward us, mobile Internet era will give radio visual doorbell bring what kind of good luck, our intelligence rub one's eyes and wait, and now the direction of observation of mobile Internet, developed more in line with the characteristics of the times of the product is a pressing matter of the moment.

1 intelligent mobile phone and home furnishing relationship

Since the mobile phone can surf the Internet, mobile phone has become the most important information sources, both practical information, or literary works, are available through the mobile phone browsing, and now the mobile phone more close to life, from the payment of utilities and other daily bills, or view the city public transportation information, the parking lot and the current real-time road condition, prepared to travel route; to the scenic areas can replace the guide attractions to explain, recommended route, to the stock, transport, tourism, public utilities, life, health, education etc.. Mobile phone almost be equal to anything. Now with lively mobile phone payment, mobile phone unlock will be achieved in the near future, it also provided the inspiration for the security industry, how to put into the way in which mobile phone.

In three, the intelligent wireless video doorbell

The popularity of 3G for wireless video doorbell brought change, how the mobile phone and wireless visual intercom seamlessly, later became the building intercom development line, mobile phone can unlock, monitoring, illusion, it will be more beautiful intercom wonderful life.

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