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The era of high-definition monitor tour
2011-07-22 09:14:23

Only do not see, did not look clear. HD era gives the most intuitive feeling is to see more clearly, those who control down the screen should be clear. Should not occur again because the picture is not clear, can not be detected cases.

Interoperability, docking accessible. HD monitor era, in addition to image clarity, the interoperability is also important. Now police cracked the case of a complex, often have to adjust the camera to take lots of pictures. Some of these cameras are the police station, some residential, some are road traffic, some stores. The surveillance video are scattered, and clarity are not the same, the transfer of the full video run to more than one monitoring point, but also the need for coordination. To solving the great inconvenience, and most likely missed the critical time of detection. If all of these surveillance camera network interoperability, can greatly improve the efficiency of the investigation of cases, save a lot of manpower and resources. With the wireless transmission rate higher and higher, handheld devices are getting better and better monitoring of results, you can phone, pad, notebook, etc. to inspect the situation at home, the baby in the nursery so the performance of the application. In addition to interconnect high-definition cameras for security purposes, remote sensing can also view, e-tourism, traffic broadcast information, telemedicine, distance learning, etc., that things in and video-related parts.

More intelligent

High-definition era of smart, the first should be a very high accuracy. Now that most of the liberation of the human controls. Each monitoring center is only a duty officer can, and do not work in the control room. Appear to alarm equipment alarm monitoring center, or alarm to the phone on duty, and link the scene image. No one was home when thieves hacking, monitoring equipment automatically send an alarm message and pictures to the owners. The camera can automatically clean the dust, start the wipers automatically. The camera can automatically identify specific cries such as "help", "robbery", "catch the thief" and other tracking and positioning students; can automatically identify criminals face or voice print and alarm, and so on. In short as long as they think, intelligent monitoring devices are able to achieve.

Green energy

Said Green, everyone first thought is energy saving. High-definition era, monitoring equipment everywhere, camera, DVR, NVR, servers, hard drives, displays, routers, etc., all need electricity, and with the energy of failure, increasing price, then the corresponding monitor operations cost would be higher. High-definition era, monitoring equipment should be low-power, management control system should be intelligent. Such as redundant storage, automatic activation of the disk array needs to work; For example, in the case of no sleep alarm display; in addition to the management of lower energy consumption, the equipment also needs to be done on a low-power design, from the chip to the whole machine to the system, all aspects should be green, low power consumption.

Another explanation is that the green monitoring system complete the relevant part of the energy. Monitoring light source, such as reduced power at night to reduce police patrols, intelligent traffic to reduce congestion, etc., are available through high-definition era of smart technology to solve.

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