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The era of intelligent wireless doorbell visual direction
2012-09-03 08:40:08


From intelligent mobile phone to intelligent home furnishing, intelligent concept more and more in line with modern life needs, and the intelligent nature needs is more convenient, safe, stable. New generation of wireless video doorbell is consistent with the characteristics of.

Mr Ma Yun said: " a complex things simple, is a complex matter. " Although this word is used to describe the Internet, but also applied to intelligent home furnishing industry. How to make the product extreme simplification, make the operation more simple, the function is more perfect, should become the core concept of product designers.

From radio visual doorbell birth is in this concept. From the previous to the current 2.4G, GPRS and 3G network, wireless video doorbell has been to minimalism has intelligent direction. But with the advent of 3G and intelligent mobile phone penetration, future wireless video doorbell to mobile phone terminal set out, as long as the mobile phone is mounted on an application, it can for home whenever and wherever possible to monitor the situation. Make travel more comfortable feel at ease.

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