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The future development of intelligent security
2012-05-14 08:28:19

With the rapid development of economy, people's living standard also rises further, our people's life begins to stride to well-off, comfort, safety, and convenient way of life has been more and more people sought after, in the high-speed development of the information age, security facilities began to intelligent, high-tech security equipment for safety under the bar a solid backing.


Intelligent residential quarters set construction equipment management, office automation and communication network is a highly intelligent integrated network management system, it will be electronic technology, communication technology, computer technology, network technology, control technology, sensor technology, image display technology, IC card technology and a series of high and new technology application in building, is now high tech development inevitable result, represents the most advanced science and technology. Intelligent residential quarters from modern life needs, comprehensive use of computer, information via letter, control science and technology, to intelligent control system, social information platform, security systems, residential property management system and the comprehensive service information system as the basis, using high-tech means to construct District high speed internet network information service for community residents to provide smooth, safety, environmental protection, efficient, comfortable, convenient living space.

Intelligent residential security system mainly by the security system, network information service system, residential property management system and other three major components.

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