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The future of cloud services in wireless video doorbell
2012-08-20 08:31:13


Cloud computing is the major Internet Co fried raise a Babel of criticism of, from the cloud server, storage SkyDrive, cloud notes, and life are closely related to the cloud of Internet of things. This technology to the universal symbol of what, is a high quality of life tools or business stunt. Following on this problem to do a study.

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing first appeared in server domain, it is a kind of dynamic allocation of resources of technology, which is on the same server different sites can be in a dynamic way to allocate resources, let the server resources to the maximum utilization, which is cloud computing.

And wireless video doorbell

The current wireless video doorbell system is also the host form of distribution, because the bands causes significantly limits the whole wireless video doorbell use number. When the concept of cloud computing is after promotion, the abuse began to have a good solution, cloud services automatic distribution, can maximize the use of the number. Of course, but this time technical speculations, want to achieve this one technology needs the long time research and development engineers.

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