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The history of wireless video doorbell
2011-11-08 10:05:14

By 2008, Beijing Security show that the case, all TCP / IP technology, semi-digital intercom products have been quite common. Many manufacturers of analog and digital combination of semi-compelling digital products, and some manufacturers have introduced all-digital intercom products are the 2008 Beijing security intercom series of outstanding highlight of the exhibition, shows, digital intercom products have become of manufacturers about the importance of technology development indicators.

At this stage, although the traditional analog intercom systems still account for a large market share, but its shortcomings have become increasingly prominent. For example, in wiring structure, the analog signal transmission system will be divided into the main bus network (networking) and branch bus (unit). Equipment from the management unit, the cell door machines, cell door machine, household machine twice to confirm the door, indoor extension to form from the top down hierarchical bus structure. Management unit to the cell door machine, door machine unit is the backbone area network bus, while the second unit to confirm the door-to-door household machines, indoor extension is the second branch bus. Both branches of the trunk bus or bus, voice, video, control signal line requires a separate dedicated cable laying, so the cable type and quantity will be increased, which gave the system cost and engineering trouble.

Now, all-digital way of networking has been more common, that is, TCP / IP network to the cell door machine, door machine to a household unit and indoor unit door machine is still using the traditional bus mode. It is understood that the reason is that TCP / IP networking in the wiring, networking, signal transmission, system scalability, feature extensibility, ease of maintenance systems, networking, interference, multi-channel communications capabilities, etc., and have an obvious advantage.

Then compare 2.4G wireless digital video door phone, the country's leading performance of its core technology, the use of 2.4G high-frequency, high-speed image transfer rate voice, free full-duplex intercom mode, 2.4G wireless video intercom doorbell the emergence of people's quality of life to a new level, video intercom doorbell No wiring, convenient and beautiful. 2.4G is a digital public band, wireless high-frequency, is a data, automatic frequency hopping stuff, randomly generated communication channels and synchronization channels, anti-jamming ability, stable performance, 2.4G wireless video on about villa doorbell doorbell series is a versatile wireless video intercom doorbell. Free exchange of indoor and outdoor intercom, 300-500 meters from the ultra-long video intercom, more than 80 groups and effective communication channels, superior anti-interference ability, thinking about how to move on how to move, without any wiring, indoor unit can monitor outdoor, indoor unit can open door! 2.4 is a wireless video intercom doorbell, unlock, infrared night vision, tone selection, brightness, sound adjustment, lock, time control, to overcome the traditional shortcomings wireless doorbell can not talk, but also avoids the need for wired doorbell wiring construction The trouble is the upgrading of traditional doorbell products - the best choice for home security.

Video doorbell intercom system is the basic configuration of the intelligent building plot in the new residential design, and some cities have imposed. Meanwhile, as the market continues to expand, building intercom products manufacturers and many manufacturers involved in the industry capacity and uneven, so the competition will be very intense technology. To survive, it must be developed, therefore, continuous improvement and technology continue to introduce new technology makes the product features will appear diverse, the cost will be further reduced, the market will continue to expand visual doorbell.

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The history of wireless video doorbell

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