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The main advantage of wireless intercom
2012-07-28 11:34:07


The application of wireless technology in building intercom, greatly changed the traditional building intercom is insufficient, solves the difficult routing, the problem of high cost,

The main advantage of wireless intercom:

A simple wiring, relative to the dry bus transmission of analog video intercom system, digital video intercom system wiring and installation of debugging, it is more convenient. Because the digital video intercom system using TCP/IP transmission of voice, data and video image signal, therefore, a cable can solve all the problems, greatly simplifies the wiring project, make residential intercom system installation and debugging become simple, construction period is greatly shortened.

In two, when all networking powerful digital signal, it is easy to meet the demand of network. Digital video intercom system of indoor machine is like a small computer, not only have the high performance CPU, and DSP digital processing chip, the powerful data processing ability of the networking function strong, for other security system integration to provide more convenience.

Three, scalability good IP network has strong expansibility, which can not only realize the visual intercom, and can realize the multimedia information sending, broadcasting, security alarm, intelligent home furnishing, IP video phone, VOD VOD, video surveillance and the service function.

If access to Internet network, on the net can be on any terminal ( visual intercom ) configuration, monitoring, remote meter reading and other functions, remote upgrade. Not only can satisfy traditional visual intercom applications, but also can provide security alarm, intelligent home furnishing control a variety of functions, be " digital family" the core of the hub.

In four, long transmission distance now community development scale is larger and larger, using image amplifier solution, also can be extended to several kilometers of transmission distance, but the cost is too high. The method based on TCP/IP video intercom system with no distance limitations, can achieve a low cost remote transmission.

In five, the comprehensive cost is low all the time since, in the heart of the people have a fixed idea: " new technology means that the high price, new product is expensive than traditional products. " Then, as the technology leader in the digital intercom system, must be better than traditional analog video intercom system high cost, cost much? In fact, from the installation, wiring, using TCP/IP transmission mode, can be reduced to a small investment, plus the short construction period, saves the material and labor costs, easy maintenance, therefore, using digital video intercom system, at a cost of more advantages.

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