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The mobile Internet era of suitable doorbell
2012-09-05 14:35:03

With the expansion of mobile Internet, followed by cloud computing and networking 's rapid development, the new e-commerce model to be launched. Visual doorbell as a product of the information age, for the new change make a change.

In August 31, 2012, held in Berlin international consumption electron exhibits on display, the current world's most advanced intelligent home furnishing products, a number of astonishing originality of stunning, the intelligent home furnishing system: it integrates the mature intelligent home furnishing management scheme, home once produced water leakage, leakage, theft and other signs, system via logic intelligent inductor immediately alarm, and dismissed the response measures to shut off the water, air, guarantees owners home furnishing quietly, reduce loss. The system can also be applied to the electric equipment in the home intelligent terminal host short distance control, so that the owners live smart, peace peace. People could get home first opened, air conditioning, say goodbye to his big sweat; doesn't get out of bed to turn off the lights and television, to achieve a more perfect home furnishing experience, also in line with the current mobile Internet are respected by the minimalist.

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