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The rise of digital video intercom
2011-07-13 08:28:57

 Into the twenty-first century, computer and Internet technology are developing rapidly, it ushered in the era of digital life, video intercom industry has also set off a wave of the digital wave, many companies such as crown forest in Fujian, Shenzhen Xing is the first batch of the world, etc. begin to explore the product of digital intercom and research enterprise. Digital technology, video intercom products, the system uses a standard transmission on the TCP / IP protocol, the use of embedded hardware platforms and embedded operating systems, video software encoding / decoding software for video compression standard protocols H.264, soft audio encoding / decoding software protocol standard audio compression G.729, different manufacturers to ensure compatibility between the system and the Internet. System provides a standard API interface to external vendors for the integrated platform.

The import of digital technology not only solved the traditional intercom system, anti-jamming ability, transmission distance is limited, the system can not be compatible with other issues, the product is highly scalable in system capacity, stability and management play in the district role of the traditional intercom products can not match and the. And the use of digital technology to provide standardized protocols and open interfaces, can be more convenient to achieve integration with other manufacturers products, and other systems interoperability, more conducive to product upgrades and maintenance. Traditional intercom system has been plagued by talk of every household, pictures messages, video transmission and other problems solved. The use of digital network transmission not only to overcome the evils of analog transmission, can also provide a more diversified more personalized features, and bring more added value, such as digital intercom intercom can not be achieved the traditional home appliances intelligent control, remote monitoring, multimedia entertainment, Internet surfing, etc., can also achieve advertising services, community shopping, online VOD video on demand and other value-added applications.

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