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The use of wireless monitoring
2011-08-12 08:29:23

Wireless monitoring and control system is a combination of wireless transmission technology, it can be in different locations on-site real-time information transmitted by wireless means of communication to the wireless monitoring center, and automatically form a video database to facilitate future retrieval.
In the wireless monitoring system, wireless monitoring center needs to get real-time video information to be monitored points, and the video information must be continuous and clear. In the wireless monitoring points, often using the camera to the scene to conduct real-time acquisition, through a video camera connected to the wireless transmission equipment, and through the radio waves to transmit data signals to the monitoring center.
The device can be widely used in a wide range of scattered distribution of the security monitoring, traffic monitoring, industrial monitoring, home monitoring and many other fields. Such as:
* Teller machines, bank counters, supermarkets, factories and other wireless monitoring
* Care, kindergartens, schools provide remote wireless monitoring service
* Of power plants unattended system base station
* Oil, drilling, exploration and other wireless monitoring system
* AI building community wireless monitoring system
* Line wireless monitoring system, wireless monitoring system warehouse
* Forest, and water resources of the remote wireless monitoring
* Outdoor Wireless Supervision
* Bridges, tunnels, traffic wireless monitoring system

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