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The wide application of wireless doorbell
2012-05-19 09:59:40

Wireless doorbell, to solve the traditional wired doorbell connected line installation, inconvenient, wireless doorbell convenient received many user chase after hold in both hands. Wireless doorbell visual function on security has played an important role, when someone visiting, users can see the visitor who is indoor, if the baby is a person or do not want to receive people can not receive.

The machine uses a very wide range, in addition to wireless video doorbell outside, still can make the distance range wireless monitoring or made into a small U AV transmitter using. At the same time the ad hoc camera output signal, also can be used for surveillance video signal cable. Wireless video doorbell circuit as shown in figures. It consists of a camera, U RF box, three levels of broadband RF amplifier, a doorbell circuit, control circuit and so on.

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