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Thieves on a new method, the doorbell "explore a way"
2011-06-14 10:27:44
Thief ring the Bell to enter residential buildings on various grounds, to discussion and actual, implementation of theft. Public call said, a few days ago, she had encountered such a thing.

Ms Zhang lived in labor North Road, a community, at around 11 o'clock in the morning yesterday, Home doorbell suddenly rings, week ladies pick up and say "room, trouble under the open door."Week ladies and a wonder," no, you have entered the wrong address. "The man" Oh "sound immediately hang up the phone.

Cooking at home, never for reservations. "Ladies and thought about, feeling suspicious, she through" cat's eye "look, a look strange faces the tricky, didn't shadow of fast food on hand. The following day, she asked residents about, knows more than she meets "Bell, sending fast food".

Later, she found online, a thief sent by Bell pass out, sending water, metering, and other tools to explore a way, once no beard, burglary in the home. She hoped that with this newspaper reminded the public that is approaching closer, "hurry home the Chinese new year" thief of foraging around, hope see more residents.

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