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Unlock intercom doorbell wireless remote control access control integrated system solutions
2011-06-20 08:40:44


Programme can be applied to single to open the door of the Villa and leadership Office, danyuanlou door, and so on. The programme can achieve wireless intercom, indoor Visual surveillance, internal and external remote control to open the door, in rooms at the door automatically when the doorbell wireless door, no one is at home taking pictures, features such as when someone can take the initiative to take pictures.

System: Wireless intercom doorbell, designed for access control and building intercom designs of new vehicle with electronic control and electromagnetic locks.

One, photographed wireless intercom doorbell

Wireless video doorbell intercom remote control products, widely used unit families, hotels, villas, offices and other places. Products by outdoor unit, indoor unit composed of two units. Interior design is exquisite, hand, may be placed on the desktop, can be hung on the wall; outdoor unit can be directly fixed on the wall, easy to install, and simple electric lock connection, no need for wiring; easy to use, easy video intercom, a key to unlock.

Function characteristics

(1) 2.4G full digital frequency hopping and encryption technology, no obstacle distance of about 400 metres, strong anti-jamming;
(2) outdoor built-in infrared night vision light, you can monitor and shot under the dark image;
(3) indoor use 3.5 inch Digital LCD display images;
(4) indoor unit on its own motion, and automatically take pictures, you can store and browse, the picture has time to record;
(5) outdoor and indoor unit is charging through the USB interface, are made of BL-6C lithium batteries;
(6) 1 outdoor unit for multiple indoor unit (up to 6) system, 1 indoor machines on 1 unit only;

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