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Video intercom application of smart home products why not many
2011-07-11 09:58:19

For the intelligent home function with video intercom products, the objective that the application was not too much. From the perspective of Home Builders, the main reason is because of cost considerations. Originally based on TCP / IP technology products than ordinary video intercom product cost to be much larger, if the integration of smart home features, and that the developer's cost will increase substantially beyond the carrying capacity of Home Builders . Therefore, the current high-end video intercom products are mainly used in some very high-end luxury residential villa project or projects. However, with video intercom and intelligent home features combined, we can see that the combination is an inevitable trend. So, with the new video intercom with integrated smart home concept in depth, and application cases to increase, its widespread application may only be a matter of time.

In sharing the same system platform as an intelligent terminal user control interface, which is the ideal solution of choice.

From a technical point of view, intercom / smart home system is mainly to consider the application of the stability of the product, the other is from an engineering perspective to design the intercom / smart home features, see the products in the installation and maintenance convenience. But with smart home features video intercom video intercom products or the main function, but it is still focused on the residential intercom security features, and for the family within the intelligent home function is relatively simple. To achieve a full range of smart home features and perhaps also to replace the original installed system, which is determined by the cost factor, but these issues will be as technology and markets mature, and gradually decline in the cost of the solution.


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