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Video intercom products and technology trends
2011-09-23 09:02:55

Building intercom system is the basic configuration of the intelligent building plot in the new residential design, some cities have been forced to configure the properties for sale in the new system, routing and unified product interface to standard. The manufacturers use different transmission and signal interface, the product is not compatible with each other, making the construction, service can not be socialized, many of the systems under warranty difficult to maintain. Departments have noted this problem, so the interface layout and product standardization is a general trend. This year, the improvement of policies and regulations to further enhance the quality of the product reliability and strength of the industry.

Market from the demand point of view, the bus structure has entered a technical level product demand flat stage, but the overall market demand still continues to heat up. Building intercom product demand and real estate development has always been closely related. In recent years, large cities more than 90 percent of new commercial real estate have designed this system, from the development trend point of view, building intercom system is a new residential district must be equipped with the system. In addition, old buildings, residential units, some users also need to configure the high-precision system, the majority of the county a new real estate has not been involved in the system. Thus, there are still many gaps in the current market need to develop.

Networking trend that some full-service product development service network IP data: video intercom systems in existing, based on the use of existing broadband network platform for data transmission, voice, video, fully digital transmission as a means to achieve information storage , forwarded, shared objectives for the application, through the video terminals, to each user based on IP address is assigned a number of video calls, video phone to provide network, VOIP, video surveillance, the district / building intercom, residential public information release, video on demand, video distance learning, IPTV and other personalized multimedia services, and can be achieved with "3G" network interconnection. Trend is in the system of intelligent integrated set of intelligent home function (including video intercom, CCTV system, car park management system, three table copy systems, background music systems, electronic patrol system, access control card systems, property management system, broadband network and access systems, etc. simply smart home trend is the use of ARM technology access to the Internet and phone embedded signal into a control signal, the appliance control via a RS485 data bus with matching appliance control system to achieve interoperability.

Products on the market, this line of two different techniques are very rapid pace of product development, intelligent home-based products can be seen as the exclusive domain of intelligent home before the existing video intercom with a large field of fusion technology is relatively very mature. According to the technical maturity, the current home of the intelligent video intercom products which remain in the analog audio and video signals, wiring still use the RS485 mode (dual-audio, video, dual signal line); IP network-based video intercom products are already implemented digital audio and video signal acquisition, transmission, compression, routing can also be directly used a RJ45 cable and a power cord to complete.

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