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Visible interphone alarm monitor industry needs capacity and trend
2011-03-16 08:29:46

Judging from the market demand, the bus structure products has entered into the technical level, but overall demand gently period market demand is still continues to heat up. Landing-answer product demand always and real estate industry development closely related. In recent years, big cities are building new goods more than 90% designed this system, from the development trend perspective, landing-answer system is the newly built residential district with system will be. In addition, some old building, unit housing also need to reform the system configuration, most county level dish is not involved in the new system. Therefore, at present the market still has many to exploit cur.

Networking tendency namely some product whole business IP data network development existing video intercom basis, USES the existing broadband network data transmission platform or build village Ethernet, alone with voice, video completely digital transmission as a means to realize information storage, transfer, sharing applications for target, through video terminals, to each user based on IP address to allocate a visual call number, provide videophone, network video monitoring, community, VOIP internal/building inside interphone, communal information release, video on demand, visible distance education, IPTV and so on many kinds of personalized multimedia services, and can realize and "3G" network the inter-communication. Intelligent trend within the system integration is a whole household intelligent function (including visible interphone, closed-circuit monitor system, parking management system, three table of cc system, music system, electronic patrolling the background more systems, access card system, property management system, broadband networks and access system, etc. Intelligent household trend in simple terms is using the ARM embedded technology access the Internet and telephone signal, into control signal, through the family internal data bus; wireless communications, electricity lines carrier and other means to supporting the electrical appliances control system to realizes the inter-communication.

Will the market product, the two different technology line of product development speed is very rapid, intelligent household high-quality product can be regarded as a previously intelligent household proprietary areas with the existing visible interphone areas of big fusion, technology in mature gradually. IP networking the technical bottleneck is relatively high, now technically mature and introduction of product have guangzhou anju treasure, shenzhen new world, fujian champions Lin, etc. According to the technical maturity is concerned, IP network visible interphone product is has achieved the audio and video signal digital collection, transmission, compression process, wiring may also directly with a piece of string and a cables RJ45 to finish.

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