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Visual doorbell and intelligent home furnishing relationship
2012-10-08 10:25:11


Intelligent home furnishing is a general concept, which includes also a modern home furnishing aspects, including building intercom, home appliances and lighting control, but a cover a wide range, fully functional system, it includes : home appliances control, remote monitoring, home furnishing security, alarm linkage, energy management, information service ... And many other functional subsystem.

The current intelligent home furnishing market is not mature, since there is no industry standard between each system is not compatible with the problem is very serious, each big manufacturer held their own mode of production, leading to the intelligent furniture market has not obtained the development. For wireless video doorbell manufacturers, intelligent home furnishing market stagnation not to own what impact. The current real estate development in intelligent home furnishing is not required, and the function is indispensable, so manufacturers did not pay attention to the future pattern of the market, from the long-term view, not with the industry standard, it will slowly be market edge.

Visual doorbell in the intelligent home furnishing in the front end of the position, effect of the intelligent home furnishing market pattern, establish industry standard, and more compatible system, can achieve more long-term interests. For the broad market cooperation to achieve a win-win situation.

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