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Visual doorbell and placed with
2012-07-16 10:42:59

Visual doorbell and placed with


On the trust crisis of current society, become the industry placed win support among the people, in the earlier blackmail incident, roadside camera became ruthless evidence, protect an upstanding citizen's legitimate rights and interests, let the ugly human nature one one current, if your door installation of a surveillance camera, first neither beautiful, can let more neighbors and friends feel uncomfortable and resentment. And a beautiful visual doorbell does not have such awkward, in the near future, visual doorbell and security system set, will open the new mode of home furnishing security.

Visual doorbell has become home furnishing tool, its visual intercom and remote lock, allows users to feel convenient," visual doorbell, functions, they will certainly ask how to realize security functions that, in the following we do one one explanation.


1combined module

As everyone knows, CCTV is a successful monitoring system, monitoring areas have this extraordinary performance, speaking in the building in the implantation of CCTV monitoring system, the monitoring function of a simple integrated software, making visual doorbell, much system, much module, operation simple home assistant.

2 integrated extensible software

Visual intercom hardware device is similar with the mobile phone, with ARM processor and motherboard. In the frame of implanted Android system can realize software extensions, according to the software improvement and development, can not only realize the monitoring video, photo storage placement related functions, can realize the fire alarm, building automation, information release, elevator control, consumer systems daily application.

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