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Visual doorbell capable of storing photos
2012-05-25 09:51:24


In the high-tech continuously rapid development, wireless technology into the market, the products are now not wired to meet consumer demand, therefore a wireless products produced, but wireless technology has certain defects, also can not completely replace the cable products,2.4G wireless technology using global public frequency band, but the distance and wall penetration problem for Engineers is a headache, so some consumers do not dare to use wireless products, worry about instability problem. Our main research and development of 2.4G wireless technology.

Our main production of wireless doorbell, wireless video doorbell, wireless video doorbell, wireless walkie-talkie, digital duplex intercom, wireless walkie-talkie walkie-talkie team, through. Wireless visual intercom, wireless helmet walkie talkie, multi-way team interphone, group intercom, wireless doorbell, visual intercom solutions, digital multi-channel radio programme.

Wireless doorbell has the advantages of saved wiring drilling troubles, but also facilitate the use of. Start the wireless doorbell can only hear sound, then he ran to the door to open. But also cannot intercom. And then to the development of wireless video doorbell, having the function of unlocking. But the people out of the door only by bell to speak, is half duplex intercom has some limitations. Until last year, wireless doorbell industry development to the visual intercom doorbell, people not only can hear the sounds of speech, but also to see the image. As in directly before the intercom. But

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